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The creation of exceptional and custom made designs as per one’s needs and requirements is a philosophy. The achievement of your goals is solely based on the uniqueness, creativity and professionalism of your design.


The greatest challenge and achievement is the transformation of an impressive design, from its initial digital form, into a tangible but most importantly high-quality product.


The design of your product or service is the communicational tool of branding yourself to the outside world. The ability to deliver a powerful message to the end user through your design is the mastery of the art.

I am

I am Evros Neofytides, 30 years of age from Limassol, Cyprus. I have graduated the University of Frederick having obtained a Bachelor degree in Graphic & Advertising Design.

My passion for my profession enables me to create unique and interactive designs as per each user's background, experience and occupation status.

Moreover, what excites me the most is creating challenging, intuitive and unique designs. The designing process comprises of both hands-on and visual layouts so as to create an exceptional experience for the end user.

I got
The skills

Designing Competencies

Through my working life, I have acquired the necessary experience and skills to transform an idea or a concept into a tangible product.

The most challenging and important part of my work, it’s the very beginning of the creation where as a designer I need to understand in full the end user's concept.













My Portfolio


4trax Logo

Logo designed for a 99Designs contest

Apothiki Logo

a logo design for a greek bar & grill restaurant

Mechanical Heart

a 3D model mechanical heart

Drytek Logo

a logo designed for a drywall installation company


B-cards designed for a cloth boutique

Coffee cup

3D model of a coffee cup

Bed Bug Trapper Logo

Logo designed for 99Designs Contest

Deconstructico Logo

a test design for a graphic design agency

Drytek B-cards

A B-card designed for a drywall installer company

Euro Exploded

a 3D design of a shattered glass currency symbol

effective traffic logo

a logo designed for a contest on 99Designs

3D Claw

a design of a 3d claw for a marketing campaign of STO company

Rotating Globe

a 3D model of a spinning globe for a marketing promotion of STO company

espresso bar logo

a logo designed for a coffee supplier

Limassol Crew logo

a logo design for a martial art academy

Pentadaktilos logo

a logo designed for a restaurant

interkore logo

a logo designed for a coffee supplier

kids4kids logo

a logo designed for a contest on 99Designs

mm Logo

A logo designed for a car electrician company

tuners unlimited

a logo designed for a contest on 99Designs

Super Trading online Can

A 3d model designed for STO with the slogan "Refresh your Trading Thirst"

Forex Booth

A 3D model of a booth for an Expo in Amsterdam

70% Bonus promot

a 3d model designed for AFX capital 5 years celebration

iQ Gadget logo

a logo designed for an online shop

PriveTalk Logo

Designed for the Online dating app

PriveTalk UI

UI Design for PriveTalk Online Dating

Christening Invitation

This wedding invitation has embossing, gold foil and craft paper

Wedding Invitation

Trade Socio B-card

B-card design for financial firm

Contentworks Logo

a logo design for an online media content writing company

Contentworks B-card

b-card designed for an online media content writing company

AMC Racing Logo

A promotional video for the new launch of AFX Capital.

AFX Video

STO Video

Promotional video about the products of STO

Chinese EXPO

Video displayed on a booth for a Chinese Expo

40% Bonus

Promotional video for a 40% bonus

Amsterdam Expo 2015

Amsterdam Expo Booth Video

AFX London Expo 2015

Presentation video about AFX Capital brands.

Promotional Video (China Expo 2015)

A promotional video about STO Benefits.

PriveTalk Commercial

promotional video for PriveTalk online dating app

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